Technical specifications

Main features:

  • manual or motorized
  • available in different diameter
  • capacity 6 tons up to 60 tons
  • High reliability an low life cycle cost
  • Perpendicular double cross-rails
  • Locking system for aligning and preventing from movement during operation
  • Equipped with Wheel stop and removable operating lever (push handle) for manual type
  • Three-layer Painting with minimum thickness 180 µm
  • one-man operation

Optional features:

  • enable complete railcar to roll over it

More information

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Bogie Turntable

Bogie Turntable- Mashhad Subway Motorized Bogie Turntable Manual Bogie Turntable Equipped with Wheel stop to fix the bogie during operation Capacity: 7 tons Manual Locking Mechanism Hydraulic Locking Mechanism
Bogie Turntable- Mashhad Subway1 Motorized Bogie Turntable2 Manual Bogie Turntable3 Equipped with Wheel stop to fix the bogie during operation 4 Capacity: 7 tons5 Manual Locking Mechanism6 Hydraulic Locking Mechanism7

Product overview

This device is designed to turning bogie from one track to another for repair and overhaul. The bogie turntable will be installed inside a concrete pit and the top of the turntable is flush with the workshop floor for workshop vehicular traffic.

Bogie turntables will produce in different size and capacity, manual or motorized and rotate in both directions.

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