Technical specifications

Main features:

  • For all types of bogie
  •  Self-locking (irreversible) trapezoidal metric thread power screw
  •  fully compliant with FEMstandard, class:2m
  •  High reliability an low life cycle cost
  •  Load capacity up to 5 tons for each lifting jack
  •  single, in pairs operation
  •  Intelligent and accurate synchronization system
  •  Nut wear detection
  •  PLC controlling
  •  Main nut’s material: AL-Cu alloy
  •  Built-in safety interlocks
  •  Three-layer Painting with minimum thickness 180 µm
  •  Indoor and outdoor use
  •  Indicator lamps for operation and control
  •  Lockable emergency stop at each column and main control panel
  •  Automatic stop in case of obstacle detection during lowering

Optional features:

  • Inverter electronic control system able to provide a 20% power saving and soft start and stop
  •  Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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Bogie Lifting Jack

Product overview

Bogie lifting jack is designed to lifting and sustaining all types of bogies for assembly or disassembly operation and inspection.

This lifting jack consists of two mobile columns which lift the bogie and sustain it.

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