Vision: In each country in the Middle east, in each railway depot, there will be a MAQ product.


Mission:Designing and manufacturing railway depot equipment to meet local and global demand



      • Customer-orientation

      • Utilization of skillful experts

      • Responsibility

      • Innovation


      • BS: 16

      • Technician: 34

      • Other: 10

      • Total: 60  

About Mashin Abzar Qom

MASHIN ABZAR QOM Company was established for designing and manufacturing of industrial machines and auto parts in 1983. MAQ has focused on designing and manufacturing of railway industrial equipment for more than one decade.

Relying on skillful experts, qualified employees, modern machinery, high accurate measuring instruments as well as using customers’ opinions, MAQ is the largest and most reliable manufacturer of railway depot equipment in Iran.

Because of this real hit, MAQ became Iran’s leading manufacturer of depot equipment and its considerable sales increase during last 5 years confirms it.

Based on knowledgeable experts, MAQ products and services could meet customers’ expectations and got their satisfaction. This consistent improvement will encourage MAQ to think about new products and new markets.

MAQ always believes in customer satisfaction and best quality production. Based on this strategy, a Total Quality Management system (TQM) which is certified with an ISO 9001:2008 and an ISO TS 16949 certificate is established and continually improved to provide a consistent structure for this purpose.

Management system certification recognizes the business skills of a company which has been able to optimize its own organization with an efficient management, adequate structures and suitable competencies. Certification also guarantees reliability for customers, suppliers, employees and others working for a company, and the more prestigious the certification body, the more valid this guarantee.

MAQ product range includes on floor lifting jacks for locomotive, wagon, train and bogie, locomotive turntable, bogie turntable, lifting table, bogie rotator, bogie &wheelset drop table, stationary & portable winch, bearing extractor, portable jib crane, overhead crane, bogie drop table for monorail, switch and traverse for monorail and rail-road shunter.


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